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Lois Olmstead’s love of nature clearly springs from the halcyon days of her childhood, as she explored the hills, creeks and fields of Northern California. Family outings to the seashore and camping trips to the Sierras gave her a deep connection to nature. While her eventual role as a mother to five children kept her hopping for many years, she has always made time for birding, one of her favorite pastimes. Lois designed the Pajaro field bags and is the administrative glue that holds Pajaro together.

Donald Olmstead was raised north of Chicago and had unlimited access to the prairie and the Illinois Forest Preserves. His love of nature began early with bicycling and walking in rural Illinois, along with canoeing in the northern waters of Wisconsin. His education took him eventually to the West Coast and a Master’s Degree in Cartography at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is responsible for the graphic design work at Pajaro.

Geoff Olmstead and Erin Flory: Geoff Olmstead and cousin Erin Flory have acted as our primary administrative backup people, allowing Donald and Lois to travel and vacation together, while leaving the business in capable hands.

Other family members include children Adrienne, Daniel, Erica and Robin, granddaughters Chelsea and Sienna, grandsons Elliot, Ethan and Quinn. While the littlest of the grandchildren have yet to help out with the business, others in our family have helped in countless ways with brainstorming, office work and product assembling and shipping. We are grateful to them all!

Finally, we must include honorable mention of the beloved Pajaro Mascots --foot and lap warmers: dog Atticus, cats Archie, Maggie, Theo, Lily and Dolly, and chickens Harlow, Jowls, Shirley, Seussie, Blanche, Dottie and Lucy.

Our mailing address is:

3343 Las Huertas Rd.
Lafayette, CA 94549

Phone: (925) 283-7793


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